Info on Quarriers Homes/Br. of Weir Orphanage?
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2018-06-11 07:23:15 UTC
Does anyone know the origin of the name 'Quarrier'? My grandfather's name
was William Quarrier Stobo. He was not an orphan but was the only child
of seven to be born in Canada. The rest of his siblings were born in
Scotland. The origins of his middle name has been a mystery. This is the
first time I have ever seen the name used elsewhere.
Quarrier was the name of the founder of the homes - I think we was William
Quarrier. I used to live in Bridge of Weir but don't know much about the homes
the last I heard they were no longer being used as orphanges, due to the
policy of the local authority of fostering out children or having them
adopted rather than keeping them in institutions.
I think the premises were being used for mentally handicapped/slow-learning
adults to live independent lives.
I don't suppose anybody would know the present day snail mail (or email)
address of the Quarrier Home. Perhaps somebody there has some knowledge
of the history of the Home.
Bridge of Weir is a sufficently small town to be able to write the
Quarriers Homes,
Bridge Of Weir,
And it will get there. Email address? I doubt it.
hi. My Father was also bought up by the Orphan Homes in Quarriers Village, he was born nearby in a place called Stobo, which may be where the name comes from. I have his orphanage records, they dont make for comfortable reading. Very sad. Im planning a trip this year with my sister and niece to see the area for ourselves. Two of the house parents from the home were my god parents, but despite long and exhausting research their fate remains a mystery. I have a bible and cards from them but Quarriers cant find any records of their existence. We are hoping for answers to his past as he speaks little of it,
The Phantom Piper
2018-06-14 17:18:07 UTC
Hi. You are replying to a _22-Year-Old Thread_.

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they are now completely off the Planet and are,
hence, unlikely to reply to you. (Since I am a
spirit and have been haunting these battlements
since the stones were mortared together, I am an
exception.) Feel free to enjoy the bleak winds
blowing through the desolate ruins, though.


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