Definition of "Wally"
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2018-04-10 18:26:58 UTC
I am interested in finding out the origins of the quaint Glasgow
adjective "Wally", (usually pronounced Waaally).
It has been used to qualify nouns such as: Close or dog. i.e. in the
vernacular _- "We hid a wally close in oor tenament". or "He's a wally
dug sittin oan his fireplace."
It obviously refers to the china or porcelin used in the manufacture of
tiles or ornaments. But how china became wally beats me.
Any ideas ?
An aside, would you be of the Wilson family related to the Mathers family? I have a pair of the dogs that my grandfather brought to Canada from Scotland in 1958.
The Phantom Piper
2018-04-11 07:58:08 UTC
You just necroed a thread that is nearly *TWELVE YEARS* old,
and, given that many of the posters in this group have died
over those 12 years, I'd advise you not to hold your breath
waiting for a Reply...

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